• 3 Questions to Ask When Choosing An RV or Trailer

    Ottawa Trailer Buy Sales and RentalsDeciding that you want an RV or Trailer for yourself and the family is not a tough decision. Deciding which, however, most definitely is! With so many different makes, models, and types of adventure-mobiles to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in confusion. So long as you know which questions to ask, you can make things significantly easier on yourself by narrowing down your selection, so consider Travel-Mor’s 3 questions to ask when choosing your RV or Trailer: (more…)

  • RV and Trailer Spring Dewinterization Checklist

    RV Spring MaitenanceThe earlier you can prep your RV for spring in Ottawa, the earlier you can hit the road! But don’t go too fast and end up missing something that will hit the breaks on your adventures. Consider Travel-Mor’s RV and Trailer spring checklist of things you definitely don’t want to miss when preparing your adventure-mobile for spring in Ottawa.


  • New and Used Trailer Sales

    trailers for sale ottawa
    The snow may be highest, and the temperature at the lowest point of the year, but consider purchasing your trailer during the winter season to take advantage of some of Travel-Mor’s best deals of the year! (more…)

  • Winter Savings on Ottawa Trailer Sales

    Trailer Sales OttawaWinter is the slow season, providing you the opportunity to take advantage of the best deals of the year. Our loss is your gain, so consider the advantages of purchasing your trailer this winter for next seasons adventures! (more…)

  • Save On Maintenance During Winter

    Ottawa RV Trailer PartsFor RV and Trailer owners, winter months means taking the adventure-mobile out is generally unfeasible. While the most courageous among us will bravely face the snow and ice, for most, winter is simply a long and cold wait for spring. For those of us who don’t risk the elements, winter still provides a range of opportunities, you just need to know how to access them. Find out with Travel-Mor:

  • Winter Opportunities for RV and Trailer Owners

    RV parts OttawaDo you own an RV or Trailer? While it’s unfortunate that the season has come to an end in Canada, the onset of winter provides opportunities you can take advantage of. Learn about them with Travel-Mor Trailer sales. (more…)

  • The Benefits of RV / Trailer Camping

    Ottawa RV'sCamping is great, but RV camping is better. Offering more than just increased comfort, RV’s and trailers provide their owners a slew of secondary benefits most don’t consider. Learn more with Trailer sales. (more…)

  • RV Rentals for The Years Last Getaway

    Ottawa RV RentalIts October and approaching November, but until the snow falls, it’s still RV season. Take advantage of your closing window of opportunity, and consider the possibility of a final RV adventure this year with Travel-Mor.


  • RV and Trailer Winterization and Storage

    Ottawa Trailer Storage WinterizationOttawa winters are tough on RV’s and Trailers. Our many freeze-thaw cycles and heavy road salt usage combine to create a perfect storm of conditions for deterioration. In Ottawa especially, the importance of proper winterization and storage cannot be understated. Make sure you’re winterizing properly with these tips from Travel-Mor.


  • The Best Vacation Spots to Take Your RV or Trailer.

    Trailer Vacation OttawaNothing motivates travel better than knowing where you’re going, but because RV’s and trailers allow a near-infinite number of options, knowing where to go can be difficult. But don’t worry, Travel-Mor is here to help with a few ideas! (more…)

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