5 New-York Sights to See, An Easy Drive From Ottawa

New York state is an easy drive from Ottawa and provides a life-changing experience for any who seek to explore what the state has to offer. Find out what’s available to you with Ottawa’s Travel-Mor trailer sales.

1. Manhattan

It’s impossible to mention New York without mentioning Manhattan, so we’d be foolish to leave it off this list.

An economic and cultural centre, offering much of the best that America has to offer, Manhattan is a life changing experience.

Featuring prominently in movies, television, music, and literature for generations; the city is its own character in our collective cultural consciousness. Worldwide, we recognise it as we would recognise our favourite celebrities in movies or on TV; and it has defined the standard by which all urban cities are judged. Regardless of how you feel about cities, there is no denying the role and importance that Manhattan has had for Western civilisation, and therefore no trip to New York is complete without visiting it.

From a birds-eye view, Manhattan is a loud, messy, chaotic slab of concrete covered in monolithic structures. Those uncomfortable with the urban aesthetic might be turned off by this, but even the most ardent nature-lover can appreciate their experience when seeing it ‘from the ground’.

Jungles are among the most powerful symbols of nature, but it’s worth remembering that they are loud and messy as well. Manhattan may have skyscrapers instead of mountains, but there is no denying that it is an urban jungle all it’s own.

While rarely ‘peaceful’, it’s possible to find one’s own peace, invisible amidst the raucous chaos occurring all around.

While not always clean, Manhattan is a colourful and wildly dynamic place.

While not always ‘safe’, the city is exciting.

Those that have lived in New York their entire lives love the city because no matter how long you’ve lived there, it will always show you a new part of itself. There is more there than could be seen in a lifetime, and experiencing that at least once is something that everyone should experience.

2.  The Adirondack Mountains


To either prime you for the hustle-and-bustle of Manhattan, or provide a break when you’re done; New York also has a few prized jewels of nature worth experiencing.

The most prominent are the Adirondack Mountains.

The first known written reference to this mountain chain was by a French missionary in 1724. Calling them Rontaks, that he defined as ‘tree-eaters’. In the Mohawk language, Adirondack means porcupine, an animal known to eat bark.

Mountains over 2 billion years old, featuring flora and fauna similar to Ontario; the Adirondacks also contain several swamps, bogs, and marshes. Once hosting a bustling forestry industry, foresting has since been heavily restricted since the formal creation of Adirondack Park.

For nature lovers, trailer towers, and RV owners; the Adirondacks offer an experience not to be missed. Only a few hours drive south of Ottawa; twisting roads, breathtaking vistas, and incredible experiences lie in wait around every corner for any who seek to find them. A family experience good for young and old, consider a trip to the Adirondack’s with a Travel-Mor trailer!

3. Boldt Castle

Less than 2 hours away from Ottawa in the thousand islands region is New Yorks first cultural offering for Ontarian’s looking to see what the state has to offer.

Open between May and October to receive tourists, Boldt Castle is a major tourist attraction with a rich history.

Built by hotel tycoon George Boldt, construction of Boldt Castle began in 1900. Originally the spot where he and his family spent many summers cottaging, George commissioned the design of this 6 story all-masonry structure and its neighbouring facilities (including tennis court, yacht house, polo field, golf course, canals, etc) as a gift to his wife.Boldt Castle

Unfortunately, the construction of this massive project was halted in 1904 after the death of Boldts wife. Never returning to the island, the structure was left as a monument to his love, but exposed to weather and the occasional vandal.

In 1977, the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority purchased the property for a single dollar from the Boldt estate, under the terms that all revenue generated by the castle would be applied to its restoration and maintenance.  Now a prominent tourist attraction, the grounds are publicly accessible for a small fee, and tours are regularly conducted.

4. Niagara Falls

One of the geological wonders of the world Niagara Falls is a (mostly) Canadian landmark, but a partially American one as well.

Comprised of a total of three waterfalls, Niagara Falls draws thousands of tourists from around the world every year. While not the tallest waterfalls in the world, more water flows over these falls than anywhere else on planet earth. Horseshoe Falls, the largest of the three, is the most powerful waterfall in North America.

Two of the three waterfalls, the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, are on the American side. While not as large as Horseshoe, these two falls offer equivalent opportunity for tourists. Bridal Veil falls offers access to the last destination on our list:

5. Cave of The Winds

A natural cave hidden beneath Bridal Veil Falls, the Cave of the Winds was originally called Aeolus’ Cave, after the Greek god of wind.

40m high, 30m deep, and 30m high, guided tours through the cave have been offered since 1841! In 1920, a rock fall closed the tour, reopening in 1924 after a new access point was constructed.

Unfortunately, in 1954 rockfall obliterated the cave entirely, and today the tourist sight below it bears its name. A series of decks and platforms allow sightseers to get up-close and personal with the base of the falls, water crashing all around them.

For those looking for a little thrill to their adventure, the Cave of the Winds also offers rides on the ‘Terror Dactyl’:

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