• Finding Used RV Parts in Ottawa

    used-rv-parts-ottawaDid you realize that Canada is home to approximately 60% of the world’s lakes? With so much beautiful water,  it’s a no brainer for your family to spend your entire summer packed into your RV, exploring the great white North for some memorable quality time. You’ve taken full advantage of the sun filled months, trekking and traveling across the nation in your family’s RV, rejuvenating your youth with the natural world that makes up your homeland. The family is excited to spend the warmer months packing into the camper for another season of nature-filled fun, and you’ve already started planning for all the adventures you’d like to experience. You’re ready for it all! But wait… (more…)

  • Transforming Ottawa Cargo Trailers into Tiny Houses

    ottawa-cargo-trailersFor all you empty nesters reading, there are plenty of things to look forward to when the kids have flown the coop. It’s time to enjoy your well deserved time to yourselves for a relaxing and rejuvenating transition with a warm welcome to new, exciting changes. Maybe you’ve been considering downsizing to a new home and reaping the benefits of the investment you made on your house! (more…)

  • Everything You Need To Know About Your Most Important Trailer Parts

    trailer-parts-trailer-hitchSo you’re excited to get everything you need ready for your next camping trip.You’ve got the trip mapped out, the fridge is fully stocked, the water tanks are full and the whole family is ready for an exciting adventure and, and some quality bonding time in the outdoors of the Great White North. Before you hit the pavement, far from home and your trailer parts experts, it’s important to know a thing or two about your trailer parts. Here’s everything you could ever want to know about your most important of trailer parts; the hitch.


  • Your Used Trailer Ottawa Roadtrip List

    used-trailer-Ottawa-destination-waterton-lakesThe best memories are built when the whole family can get together for a fun road trip. In your new camper from your used trailer Ottawa experts, we want to make sure that traveling with the family is all about venturing into the great outdoors with the convenience of a home on wheels. With the opportunity to experience nature together for some quality family bonding time in the countryside, your family can get a breath of fresh air in new destinations across the Great White North, hassle-free. (more…)

  • Shopping For Ottawa Used Trailers


    While shopping for brand new, sparkling trailers might have been your ideal camping dream, there’s no argument that they come with a heavy price tag. For first-time buyers and seasoned buyers alike, Ottawa used trailers are a great budget-friendly alternatives that still deliver everything you need in an outdoors escape. (more…)

  • Before You Hit The Road, Check These Trailer Parts

    trailer-parts-before-tripWe’ve all been there, enthusiastically awaiting a weekend getaway of relaxation in the great outdoors, wheels on the road, when a tire pops in the middle of nowhere, when we wish we would have given the trailer parts a better check before leaving. We’re going to say something that might sound like common sense, but as many of you have learned hindsight is in 20/20: the best time to give your trailer parts a good look-over is prior to hitting the pavement. (more…)

  • Trailer-Lake-Ottawa

    Your Ultimate Trailer Parts and Servicing Guide

    Did you know that by servicing your trailer, you actually increase its life span and resale value? That means more adventures for you and the family, increased durability you can rely on, and getting your money’s worth at the end of the day. Whether you’re buying for long-term use or renting a trailer for short-term needs, you can keep it running smoothly with our ultimate cheat sheet!


  • Travel Mor’s End of Year Trailer Sales

    Popular RVing locations


    It’s that time of year again, and Travel-Mor Trailer Sales is looking to clear out our warehouses to make room for next year’s models! Travel-Mor Trailers is a proud retailer of both new and pre-owned trailers and RVs located in Ottawa. Our qualified and experienced team loves helping our clients find the best trailer to suit their lifestyle. And now is the time to get a great deal on our year end selection of trailers and RVs!


  • Winterizing Your Trailer

    get your trailer ready for winterGetting Your Trailer Ready For The Ottawa Winter

    There is a lot that goes into winterizing your trailer, but before you store it away for the winter season you need to make sure you do it properly! While some of the tasks on your winterizing to-do list are simple, others take a bit more time and skill.

    If you don’t feel comfortable winterizing your own trailer for the off-season, have one of our team members at Travel-Mor Trailer Sales walk you through the process!

    Below is a crash course in winterizing your trailer or RV. (more…)

  • What To Look For in a Used RV or Trailer

    Family Playing By Trailer Rental


    For many families, buying a secondhand RV or Trailer in the Ottawa area just makes sense. RVs and trailers are expensive, they are quite the investment! Knowing what you are looking for will help you get the most out of your travel fund. At Travel-Mor Trailers, we only used stock trailers and RVs in the best condition possible. After thorough assessments, test drives, and mechanical tune-ups, we are confident that we have a used trailer or RV with your name on it! Keep reading to learn what elements you should be looking for in your next used RV or trailer in the Ottawa area!

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