• What to Consider When Buying your First Trailer

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    Buying a trailer is a big investment! Not only does it come with financial considerations but also logistic ones: How much vacation time do you have? Where will you store it during the winter? How much will you have to devote to maintenance and repairs? Where will your first road trip take you? Knowing as much as you can about trailers and their capabilities before you buy is the best way to make an informed decision.

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    One of the best ways to find your ideal Ottawa trailer is to begin by asking your friends, relatives, and neighbours who already own trailers. Ask them what they like, and don’t like about their camping trailers. Find out what features they simply couldn’t live without, and those that they can. Ask them about their trips. How far do they go, and how long are they gone for? How many does their trailer comfortably sleep? What do they like about the kitchenette?  Then, ask where they bought their trailer. Buying from a reputable dealer is incredibly important when it comes to an investment as large as a trailer! At Travel-Mor Trailer Sales, we provide Ottawa and the surrounding area with the very best new and used trailers, at a competitive prices and with superior customer service.  (more…)

  • The Benefits of a Hybrid Travel Trailer

    ottawa hybrid trailersTravel trailers, campers, RVs, there are so many different types of recreational vehicles just waiting for you to get out on the road! At Travel-Mor Trailers and Sales we love helping first time and hundredth time buyers find the right vehicle for their next adventure. In addition to brand new trailers, Travel-Mor also provides Ottawa and the surrounding area with fantastic used trailers for sale. Hybrid travel trailers are just one of the many fantastic options that you have to choose from. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of a hybrid travel trailer.

    What Is a Hybrid Travel Trailer?

    A hybrid trailer looks just like a regular trailer or RV with the hard sided body and roof. The difference between a hybrid and a regular trailer however, are canvas extensions that project from one or both ends of the trailer. These easy to set up extensions create loads of additional sleeping space. Travel-Mor Trailer Sales is proud to offer a huge selection of both new and used hybrid trailers to suit a variety of styles and budgets! (more…)

  • Gourmet Roadtrip Meals

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    Renting a trailer and heading out on the road trip of a lifetime doesn’t mean you are going to have to eat hotdogs and canned soup for the next two weeks. Oh no, at Travel-Mor Trailer Rentals we are strong believers in the gourmet camping experience. And while we certainly don’t go gourmet every time we take to the open road, we love to indulge our inner foodie every now and then. Read on to learn how we eat gourmet meals while on the road in our Ottawa trailer rentals!


  • Canada’s Most Famous RV Road Trips

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    Objectively speaking of course, we live in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. And, it’s massive! From sea to shining sea, Canada is a road trip just waiting to happen. Now, if you don’t have the time to accomplish the entire country – what a feat that would be! – then, perhaps take a look at the following Canadian road trip suggestions. The suggestions you will find below focus primarily on Eastern Canada for those renting a trailer from the Ottawa area. (more…)

  • The Essential Summer RV Packing List 

    So, you have rented the trailer, booked time off work and you’re ready to hit the open road. Goodbye Ottawa! There are dozens of fantastic destinations for your first RV adventure, and there is still plenty of time to make it happen! We live in one of the most diverse, naturally breathtaking countries in the entire world. From sea to shining sea, the Trans Canada Highway is your oyster!

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    Travel-Mor Trailers wants to see you and your family embark on the adventure of a lifetime! Which is why we offer Ottawa and the surrounding area with remarkably low weekly rental rates. We offer three main styles of trailer rentals: The Rockwood 1940 LTD Freedom Tent Trailers, the Rockwood 2270 Freedom Tent Trailer, and the R-Pod RP-172. View the floorplans and summaries of each of the trailers here.

    Just Pack The Essentials

    The thing to remember when packing your trailer for your summer adventure, is that less is more. Adding weight to your ride will not just slow you down when it comes to finding what you are looking for, but it will also cost you money! So, keep it simple! Bear in mind that you are not going to be hundreds of kilometres from civilization. You’re farther ahead keeping a pad of paper in a communal area and jotting down individual items as you need them. Then, next time you’re in a grocery store or passing a shopping centre you can pick them up!  (more…)

  • Making Your Trailer Rental Feel Like Home

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    A family vacation is a thing of beauty. Imagine spending the summer touring the province making memories, collecting bug bites, seashell and souvenirs while snapping away on disposable camera at roadside ice cream stands. I can promise you that it doesn’t matter if you found the perfect campsite or the organic hot dogs, hanging out in your own home on four wheels with the whole family is what is actually going to make it into your children’s memory archive.  (more…)

  • RV Camping Destinations Around Ottawa

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    The best part of owning a Camping RV is the ability to get up and go at a moment’s notice! A Camping RV is what turns a road trip into a vacation. If you’re itching to get your summer vacation plans in order, browse through our selection of new and used Camping Trailers! We have a trailer to accommodate every budget.

    RV Camping in the Ottawa Area

    Just imagine, in a few hours drive you could be relaxing by the lake while steaks sizzle away in the background. RV Camping is a family friendly alternative to tenting. While tents make traveling light a reality, they often come at the cost of a good nights sleep. Not with a Camping RV though. With so many styles available we are confident that we can find you the perfect camping trailer for your next vacation! Throughout the Ottawa area there are dozens of RV camping opportunities – here are just a few!  (more…)

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